Why Victoria’s Secret models are laid off ?

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It is said that Good looks aren’t a passport to your future but a mere visa that would soon run out

Of course, having good looks is for sure an asset. If you are a woman with good looks, it will sure provide you the much needed platform to launch your career or even establish your career.

There was a time when Models and Modeling industry were considered unstoppable and more untouchable, given the reach that they had and the following they garnered. When no one knew anything about the bras and lingerie, Victoria’s secret came into the scene with a bang and for the next 20 years dominated the world of women’s underwear.

The reason for Victoria Secrets’ runaway success should be attributed to their top end models who brought a different meaning to body sculpture and lingerie wears, thus becoming an epitome of ideal looks, charm and design.

So much so that Victoria’s Secret models became the ideal woman that every man, both young and old, desired and longed for.

But there was just one problem with that. To fit into a Victoria Secrets lingerie, you are expected to have the perfect fit and curve, or else, it just wouldn’t work. Their idea of ideal woman is, tall, slim, trim, perfect contours, sleek and mean.

Obviously this would be a cake walk for someone who periodically trains and watches her diet, but not definitely to the common everyday women.

Why? because, the challenges that a working women faces are innumerable and above all to place the stress of maintaining a perfect body contours would be too much of an asking.

Why should I in any clear mind be pressurized to look the way that some Model designer company thinks and feels appropriate? After all, goods and products are not given to me free of charge, for I ought to pay for them out of my hard earned month’s earnings.

In other words, the company failed to see the working women’s predicaments and what they wanted, instead, stayed fixed with what they thought the working women should wear.

A great flaw given the lessons from history. It is imperative to understand that foremost, for the success of any brand to sustain in the long run, it should strike its note with the commoner, if not, it is most often a downward slope.

But lessons such as these are hard to understand for the elite companies, specially given the success and the amount of profits that these brands had amassed over the past 20 years.

The Cat walks are coming to halt

According to Business insider, the brand is also closing down its shows and they would liken it to a dominoes effect that children mimic during their castle building competitions.

However this post is not meant to comment or review Victoria’s secret business strategy or their decision or for that matter their brand target audience but is mostly directed at those models who will soon be laid off.

Since news from the crypts are forecasting Victoria’s secrets runaway product promotion cat walks are soon to end, given the high cost involvement in production.

Of course, there are very few companies who have the potential to hire, pay and launch a model’s career to the likes of Victoria’s secrets.

It was often said, once a model signs up a contract with Victoria’s secrets, then there was no turning back, with fat pay checks, promotional wears, gifts takeaways, the media hype, the adverts, the glamour, the fun and international fame, everything that a young female model could ever dream off.

But today, things are getting tough for models and for the modeling industry. With less shows, lesser contracts, all of which appears as if the run had come to its finishing lap.

What are the options for the Models?

So what should be the alternative? A much important question that every model should ask and reflect. Why? because, the answer to this question would decide on, whether you shall fly with the winds or starve on the pavements, homeless and wretched.

It is frightening, but the truth ought to spoken straight up to the face. Why? because, the clock is ticking and unless you make a decision and work on your decision, the time of doom will outrun you, outshine you and outlast you.

Because, when you go broke even your best friend will despise you to the core that words may Not be able to express your experience. But all these can change, if you are intelligent and would heed and listen to the strategies spelled out here, and more so, work on these suggestions, for with Action, all of the seeds will far at the way side.

The Best Suggestion

The best suggestion and probably a good one would be to prepare for the future. You have seen the signs in the air, and you need to take action now.

You have just two choices lying before you. Either you prepare today or perish tomorrow.

Of the many investments available to us, the best would be to invest in one’s self development. And among the many available branches, the best would be to Educate yourself for the coming tomorrow.

Not enough qualified people for the jobs available

With the dawning of AI and Robots, most jobs would require only individuals who have knowledge in these fields. A famous entrepreneur once said, of the many challenges, unemployment will be worst in the 2030s. Not that there aren’t jobs, but there aren’t enough qualified people for the jobs that are available.

Studies and research has clearly shown that Big Data is here to stay. Anything and everything has data involved in it decision making.

Why Big Data and knowledge in it, is important

Say, take for your own industry, the Modeling industry. You were selected in the very first place, because you had this particular type of body contour, a facial structure, an unique walk, a special type of smile, the way you approached the ramp,etc.

Well, all of these are Data, you might have thought that you were there in the first place because you got lucky, or for that matter you had all these talents.

To tell the truth, nothing of that sort. In fact, the selectors, saw in you, vibrant data that could be taken out and polished. Polished is synonym to what we call as processing.

Thus, when the processed data is shown and displayed to make meaningful inferences, it brings money, fame and popularity.

Then you might immediate ask, why are these huge agencies are then closing down? Well there is this another part in understanding data, and that would be procuring data that are relevant and pertinent to the target group that is in focus and more so, there is this element called as data shelf life and ways to sustain and prolong. We do not want to get into that aspect in this post, we shall however reserve them for further insights down the line.

In concise, the power of data is felt and seen in all walks of life. Now the question becomes, how could you fit in. Remember, of the many keys to success, the best of them still remains, adaptability.

That would mean, you would need to alter your thought process. In other words, change your thoughts. As of now, the key is your decision. With many available areas of specialized knowledge, we at GoWaters, provide only the best that would enable the bearer of these qualifications to be more marketable.

Remember, the major key to your success is you, so make that decision, invest in your education, and stay secured.

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