Why Study Data Sciences?

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Data sciences has become a powerful field given the recent advancements in mobile phone technology, which provides customers the ease to perform almost anything and everything that one can possibly think off. Take for example, you would want to pay your water bill, electricity bill, your internet bill, your cable TV bill, what were your options for payment before?

There was a time, if you were to set out in paying your electricity bill, it would take up your entire day, all of which would be just spent standing, with contemplation that you would be able to make it to the teller before noon. But today, you could perform all of the above chores plus a 100 more, merely using your Mobile phone.

Well the idea of this post is provide you with insights on the potency of Data sciences so that you as a reader can better appreciate it and probably find some interesting areas that you would like to specialize upon.

The Mind set

You would have been a banker or a doctor or even a professor all your life, but that does not mean that you could take things for granted. Why? because of the times we are living in.

No one area or career path will ensure that you safely cross the bridge called life and reach your retirement age with a sound economical condition. That is just not going to happen specially with AI and Robots replacing humans at a massive scale.

So what is the alternative, the alternative would be to become the better you, just out beat your competition. And, how would you do that? By becoming more qualified in understanding the things that are driving the world today. What would that be? Data.

So what is required primarily from your side? An open mind, drop your ego, and read on, listen to the argument presented here, and then think and rethink over, while in solitude.

The Truth

Data Sciences is here to stay, why? Because of the technology that the world is working on. So, gear up to read, hear and listen to some hard facts, that can possibly change your life for good.

To learn Data Sciences, you don’t have to be a Techy

To the commoner, the very term Data sciences would often send jolts of tech phobia. But the truth of the matter is that there is nothing  techy in the area than that which is required to operate your Mobile phone. Meaning, you do not need to be a high end Rocket Scientist to understand Data Sciences.

However, though we do use tools from Math, Stats and Coding in Data sciences, but all with a twist. The key word is “Use”, that is right, we use these tools with a creatively bent on data.

Why being Data Conscious will help you in every possible way

 To explain this, an illustration would serve better. Imagine you are giving a presentation to a class of 30 students. At the end of the presentation, you receive an applause and words of appreciation, you walk out, thinking that you had hit the bull’s eye.

Then as luck would have it, you are sitting at your college coffee shop,  suddenly you hear a group of girls discussing your presentation, then suddenly one of them burst forth, “I should say, that was the longest time that someone killed me with a talk that was so inanimate and lifeless, that I almost slept through the session”. “I agree”, comes the second in motion.

For sure, you would feel better off jumping into Niagara, hey!, but wait.

There are two ways you could handle this criticism, the first one would be to take to heart, get disappointed and decide you will never give another group presentation.

The second way would be to find out ways you could better your presentation and thus making it appealing to the audience.

The Data Collection part

Now for the second way you ought to take time and meet with all those participants then share out a questionnaire, for most wouldn’t be bold enough to critique you, given your academic position, but would gladly fill out a questionnaire.

The Reason for the Questionnaire

What you are doing here is that you are taking time to listen to everyone, their views, their opinions, what they think would have made the talk interesting. These are all data, once you have collected them, you would have to sit in and delve deeper to get the information out.

The Insight Part and why they are important

You should know this that not all of the data that you receive will fall in line with your approaches and paradigm, yet still, you ought to take time to listen to them.

Why should you do that? Because every data that you see there will give you a meaning and probably an answer to the question that you are looking for.

Thus, it is imperative to have an open mind, and stay inconclusive, for every data, signifies something and provides valuable insights.

In other words, if you want to make a presentation that appeals to every student in your class then you ought to take every data that you have received on board into consideration to obtain a meaningful conclusion to your quest.

The key to remember

The key to remember, you do not drop or ignore any of the data that you had received. In concise, this is Data Sciences.

Though there are other definitions, yet still, all will lead to this one definition that we have mentioned herein.

The key to be a success in the 21st Century

The key to success in the 21st would be to be able to pursue careers that are pertinent and relevant to this century. What do we mean by this? Most are still living in the industrial age, investing hard earned monies in education that would not produce any returns.

The once professional careers, like Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, are becoming obsolete with the dawning of AI and Robots. When AI, takes full control of the Medical Sciences, the patient would no longer require a general medical practioner, to ascertain the cause of his or her illness. The same would go for lawyers and other professional careers that were once ruling the roost.

The old saying, Horses for Courses, couldn’t be more appropriate today than it was ever before.

The one master key that you would need to open all the doors, would be the key, titled, “Data Sciences”.

What makes Data Sciences so Special

There are two attributes that makes Data Sciences potent. They are, “Uniqueness” and “Most sought after”.

Why are they Unique? They are unique because they perform jobs which are out of the ordinary. That would mean, they have the ability to achieve meaningful interpretation from unstructured data which to a common person would be more Greek than anything else.

Why they are most sought after? They are most sought after because they provide the bearer, the edge, which we call as the Competitive advantage. Now, this can be a jargon to the layman, but to the world of business, this would mean a whole new planet.

Ever wondered why Nike became so popular? In fact, you could always find an equivalent shoe or even more a better one than Nike, yet still most go for Nike, why? This we call, the Edge. We shall delve on this, on later posts, for now, we shall focus on the DS.

The Conclusion

Just to wrap this paragraph, there are around, 2 million projected jobs in the US alone for data managers, and that is just in the US. According to a Harvard research, Data Sciences is the most sought after position in countries like, UK, UAE, Australia, Brazil, India, Singapore, South Africa, Nederlands, Poland, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

So conclude this post, if there be one field that holds the key to your job security for the future then that would be Data Sciences. According to US based Job search portal, the number one job specification that has been most sought after by businesses, has been Data Scientists, with the median salary being ranging around, $144,000.

No matter what area or field that you are involved in, if you are knowledgeable about Data Sciences, it would for sure make you more valuable at your workplace, thus giving you a career alternative as well an advantage that you can bank on.

Remember, if you were to remain the same as you were last year, you shall still get the same pay as you got last year, the same treatment from your boss, as you got last year, the same humiliation from near and dear, as you got last year.

The major key to your happiness is you, so take that decision, make that impact, get the course done.

Our Products

We deliver specialist courses in Coding, Statistics and Mathematics, plus courses that delivers specialized knowledge in your chosen area of expertise. In fact, technically, Data Sciences emerge when Coding, Statistics and Mathematics, along with your intricate familiarity of your major (it can be anything, like Business, Education, Finance, Banking, Real Estates, Accounts, Stocks) all intersect, liken to the making of a Chocolate bar, where we would need, Milk, Cacao, Sugar, Raisins and Nuts. The final outcome here is Data Sciences.

At GoWaters, we offer you the opportunity to take control of your ship called life. To be the captain of your destiny, the master of your future. With us, you shall see, feel and achieve success. We are all here for a purpose, so realize that purpose, become the best you.

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