Why most will not Succeed

Competence matters. "See the Skillful Artisan, he shall stand before kings"

We are living in the age of the Information Revolution but the irony is most are still retaining the mindset of the Industrial Revolution.

During the Industrial revolution, there were certain qualifications that were considered professional, meaning, if one were to pursue and complete such courses then they would rest assured that nothing great will change or alter their professional status quo.

That is one of the reasons that there used to be a great demand for Professional courses like Law, Engineering and Medicine.

People who graduated from these sectors always walked with high headed pride and assurance that nothing would alter either their position in their jobs or in their life standards.

But that was the story say, 50 years ago. Today the entire odds are changed those who thought and felt like that, apparently set the same thought process into the society and thus the society got the addiction from them and still retain that same mind set.

But the truth of the matter is that times have changed and those Engineers and lawyers who are well into their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s are now finding that their very sustenance has become a question mark.

But the pathetic condition is that, most still retain the same mindset that once they have the right schooling and university degrees upon them, nothing can challenge or sway their economic tide rock wards.

But all this changed. Today the world has millionaires and billionaires who have education neither from the Elite schools nor have a royal lineage. But those who with single minded focus wanted to change their lives took control and initiative and in doing so embarked on the road to better acquire those knowledge skill sets that made the vital difference in today’s world.

Today, we live in the age where opportunities are wide open to all who have the mind and the time to invest in their developments. Many have found that to spend the next 4 to 5 years in Universities under the name of obtaining higher degrees servers no purposes at all other than it deprives the individual from capitalizing on the best time that live has got to offer.

Being Young is a gift and more so making sensible choices is even better a gift. The reason majority would not become successful is largely due to the fact that most prefer to stick to the chain of mediocrity. Any change is considered revolutionary and would destabilize the already existing equilibrium.

But most fail to realize that for Growth to occur, change has to set in, something out of the ordinary has to be performed.

The individual ought to break free and grab opportunities that lay around. They ought to know that no one is going to open the doors for them to enter and claim success.

Today, Engineers and Doctors are being laid off, did you ever wonder why?

So to sum up, Success is more a game of the mind, but the much important question is, how many are willing to break free and change their thought process which had enslaved them for years and is still continues to do so.

At GoWaters, we provide you the platform from where you would be able to launch your career. Our Teachers and Professors will teach you those principles and skill sets that you could learn, apply and make a life for yourself as well as for your clients who depend on you.

Break free, work towards your freedom.

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