Why knowledge of Data Analysis is imperative for every field, today

He who wakes up early shall always be lucky

There was a time when scribes were considered to be the top preferred position of the Victorian era. Then  a new technology called the Typewriter entered and replaced Scribes.

Overnight, thousands of scribes lost their jobs, and while there were some who learned how to use the Typewriter, survived, and were able to cope up with the change and more so take advantage of the opportunities that the new technology offered them, there were others who just missed the boat.

Anything and everything required a Typist. Offices demanded all of their employees to master the skill. Exams were conducted and certificates were issued, those with certifications often found most favored and sought after for executive level positions.

The people who adopted, lived to enjoy the popularity that the machine brought in together with the advantages and this wave lasted for the next 30 years, the ride was great and so was the show.

Next came in the dawning of the Computer sciences age. With this, all those who were able to catch the tide saw their career smooth sailing. While some resisted and all who did that saw their career cut short. Of course, with this age, the jobs of the typist and the typewrite became obsolete.

Well now we see the dawning of the Big Data analytics, coupled with AI. Anywhere and everywhere, data has ascended to be the most important assert and more so it has become  an area that Companies want their employees to seek and secure knowledge about along with good command in its analysis and interpretation.

Again, those who will capitalize will see their career launch to levels beyond their expectations. One thing is for sure, he or she who has the expertise in this area will always be wanted. Why do we say that? For the world of tomorrow will be data driven.

Take for example you wanted to book a hotel for your next vacation to Europe. You select a hotel and the very next thing you would do would be to see the hotel’s rating.

If the hotel’s rating is acceptable, then you move ahead to the next phase and that would be to secure a  booking at the hotel, if you are not happy with the hotel’s rating, then chances are that the hotel has just missed to capitalize a business opportunity.

Let us take the next example, flight booking. You scan the site  looking for good deals, next, you look for the safety rating of the airlines. If the feed backs from other customers is acceptable to you, then you go ahead into booking the flight, if not, though the carrier might offer the best of the deals to you, you will still not want to fly with them.

Ratings and feed backs have now become the integral part of this world. Believe it or not, the world tomorrow will have innumerable opportunities in this area and companies would want to hire only those who have expertise in this area.

In other words, this is a fairly new area with multiple branches of opportunities available to all those who wish to capitalize on. Remember, early bird catches all the worms. The earlier you launch your career, the better vantages you shall capture.

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