Why GoWaters.org, is special?

What makes us so Unique and Different is our domain expertise and our vast years of Experience that we have in our Specialization.

At GoWaters.org, we deliver specialized knowledge. There are two classes in knowledge. One is General knowledge and the other Specialized knowledge.

Anyone can Teach General Knowledge

Anyone can deliver General Knowledge, to deliver this, it is just sufficient for the individual to read a few related materials on the Topic and then launch a course. The best example would be these so called Online Education training providers, who boast of delivering thousands of courses, with falsified promises to sway the gullible user with contents that cannot move a jot in their lives, and neither do they provide Student support.

Now coming back to where we started, with  General knowledge you merely acquire what is considered general. For example, facts and fictions, formulae and proofs, Theorems and lemmas, assumptions and contradictions.

Nothing more and nothing much. Now tell us, what on earth would you or for that matter anyone in the right mind could possible do with this knowledge base for changing their lives for better?

In other words, the Academic communities, the Colleges, the Universities, the Online learning websites, other online academic communities are all filled with these so called General knowledge providers, preachers and course distributors.

Step into a University

Just step into any University and ask a student who is pursuing History major, or even a Computer Sciences major, as to what he or she would be doing after graduation.

Students pursuing, History, would most often say, they would take up teaching or become an anthropologist, or pursue higher education, and if you  continue on to ask a second question, “Are these your only opportunities available?” the reply would instantly be, “Yes”.

In case of Computer Sciences, most of the times, the answer would be, “I would get into programming”. But there is one big problem there, these days; no one wants to employ a programmer for sorting out solutions.

The point  we are trying to say is that, the mindset of students are so fixed that they are unable to see and realize the limitless potentials available around them. This is irrespective of the fields that they specialize in.

You might pursue a degree in anthropology or even a degree in arts or science, it doesn’t matter, you stand the same change to becoming a Millionaire as to someone else whom you think weighs more, because of his or her course choice.

The Difference between General Knowledge and Specialized Knowledge

So, what is the take home point? It is this, with General knowledge you do not know how to Apply or even use them to your gains. If you don’t  know to apply your knowledge, it stays where it belongs, that would be on your paper degrees and accolades that you have received.

Now there is this other branch of knowledge, which is called Specialized knowledge. Now with this knowledge, you will never go Hungry. For the simple fact that this Knowledge teaches you as to how to use your General knowledge.

In other words, this field of knowledge will guide and train you as to how you could put your knowledge to work. Remember, if you cannot apply your skills to earn, you will have to fight hunger with air and anger.

Our Desire, Our Mission, Our Vision

So, what we at GoWaters.org, aim at? Our desire, Our Mission, Our Vision, is to bring self worth, self esteem and independence into your life. We are not just another Online websites, or Online Market place that are fleecing the innocent by selling courses that they don’t Own, teaching Courses that has no face value, Preaching content that wouldn’t last the coming months knowledge base change.

We are different in all of these ways. For we develop our own courses based on our Industry and Academic Experiences. Our course instructors are not just teachers, they are Educators. Our track record for changing lives is unbeatable. We offer Student support even months after course completion. In concise we Change lives, we give you Freedom.

To conclude, if you have known this one critical difference between General Knowledge and Specialized Knowledge, then we are sure, we have given you more in worth than words or money can measure

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