Why Baristas should worry about their future ?

A key to achieving success is getting ahead, and the secret to get ahead is to just get Started

The Robots are getting at your Job faster than you can imagine, so buckle up and get the Grind going

There are around, 32,000, specialty coffee shops in the US that employs little over than half a million people. The average salaries range from $18,000 to $61,000 a year.

The job of a Barista

The most difficult and challenging job in a coffee shop would be that of a Barista. Now what does a barista do?

The coffee that you delight every time at your local coffee shop is the handy work of the Barista.

He keeps track of his regular clients and makes coffee to their taste irrespective of the client telling him every time he or she places the order.

Not only that, the Barista is directly in charge for the sanitation of the shop. That would mean from keeping your table spotlessly clean to the vessels and utensils sparkle clean.

You got an idea, right? The job of a Barista is not easy at all, plus he or she who is involved should always sport a smile and bring out the human touch in them.

If not the client will not walk past the shop again. Barista jobs were usually available to college undergrads who wish to make a few dollars outside class hours. But with the way the things with our economics changing so rapidly, these jobs are even sought after by graduates.

How Robots are stealing these jobs

Now, with the introduction of the Robots, these jobs are slowly getting replaced. The justification that Coffee shops owners are giving for this decision is that they want the toughest and the meanest jobs to be left for Robots to carry out.

Now that would mean, at least 4 jobs lost, which would clearly save, $80,000, a year for these Coffee shop owners, which in turn would be more profit at the cost of the society becoming economically unstable. With the livelihood of these Baristas taking a hit. And more so, No one wants to give it thought.

Indifferent Coffee drinkers attitude

The irony is even the clients who hang around these coffee shops are turning a blind eye. There was a time when even a slightest change in the strength of the decoction invited huge hauls of cries from customers, accusing the lackadaisical nature of the barista, but now, all have gone silent.

“It’s really fun and convenient,” said Choi Eun Jin, a 30-year-old office worker. “The area is crowded with office workers and local residents during lunchtime. So it’s good to have a robot like this … so you can get your coffee more easily.”

They [coffee drinkers] don’t really care for us, exclaimed a once barista who was trenched because of Robots take over. Now they will enjoy the plain blunt coffee with a smile.

One size fits all, take it or leave it-Robots

The Robots, are programmed to deliver one size fits all, and one coffee blend for all palates, take it or leave it, and these clients are queuing up to receive the java from the hands of an inanimate which makes coffee drinking a real plastic experience, expressed a coffee critique.

Japan, South Korea among the fastest to replace human intervention, with USA soon to follow suit

Countries like South Korea and Japan are already on the launch phase, no wonder that shows the lack of emotional attachment that they have towards people centered activities. Which is largely due to the insensitivity developed over time by their rampant exposure to plastic toys and dolls, all in the name of technology and advancement.

Social media has made consumers Introvert and shy

Too much involvement with the Social media has caused many to turn Introvert. So much so that they prefer to respond via the social media than over in person.

Fear, insecurities, ADD are all the by product of Social media rampage. This has given the rise to demand unrealistic shopping experience, and more so too with the service industry.

The problem is, Social media has programmed people to think that, people are impolite, people are trouble, people are difficult to get along. If this be the attitude of those who are supporting the choice of Robots to Humans, then they should start immigrating to a planet where human habitat is absent.

For as long as we live on this planet, we around, endure, tolerate, understand and accommodate, each other, just ascertaining the famous words of the Nazarene, “Love your neighbor as thy self”.

Millennial support this Technology not knowing what lays ahead for them

Currently, Millennials — those who were born after 1980 — are prime consumers of this technology. This generation tends to not like meeting other people, so they favor technology that enables people to minimize face-to-face interactions with others.

With this trend growing, soon most jobs would become Obsolete. However there is this key question, if most jobs become obsolete, then who will drive the Economy.

However, we will not deal with that situation here in this post but shall reverse that for a later interaction.

Best Suggestion and Recommendation

This has been a real hard post, both to pen and more so to get it published. But at times the truth ought to be told. When you get pricked by a thorn and that the thorn is lodged inside, it is only another thorn that could prick this thorn out. Meaning, given the economic situation of most baristas, it is indeed hard to suggest self development as a measure and a way to escape the oncoming economic apocalypse, largely brought in by AI and Robots, yet still in every sense, it would be the only way available that would ensure long lasting economic freedom and liberty.

Remember ! your tomorrow largely depends on the work that you put in today. You have known it, you have seen it, it had happened to your buddy with whom you shared a muffin, and now, he is on the road, homeless and pathetic, counting his days to liberation, hoping that one day, that this Miss Right, would simply stop her car, and walk out, to stretch forth her scepter and say,

Prince charming, I have been searching for you all long.

Wake up ! man, Stop dreaming. There will be no redemption, no salvation, no hope, except you take action.

Look no further, you have it inside of you

All of us are born with, in born talents that the Creator has bestowed in each one of us. It really pains me when I see, young men and women, striving hard and wasting their lives out, merely standing behind those steam generators which the modern world calls as Espressos.

Are you aware of the heat that these machines can generate? Enough to kill every cell in your body. Yet the young stand there as if that is the only way to earn a living.

Just know this, your boss or the company director has no sympathy for you, for he thinks, he is making a humanitarian gesture by employing you there, knowing very well that in matter of days, months or may a year you will be shown the door.

Muffin and Thank you Card

Just that they would hand in a muffin with a thank you card, we will be missing you, but it is okay. Then what? You will have to walk down the same street that you had walked those 5 years, just that this time, the temperature is down zero and your tears are frozen up.

Wake up

Wake up! and take action before it is too late., When you are making coffee, smiling and dangling with your buddies, somebody is working their butt off, to achieve economic liberty and freedom.

So stop
wasting your time and start planning, get yourself a decent Specialized
knowledge. If you are looking for something that would give you a head start
then we have got the gold mine. Just bring in the shovel and mine the gold.

You have just two choices lying before you. Either you prepare today or perish tomorrow.

Why Big Data and knowledge in it, is important

Say, take for your own industry, the Coffee brewing industry. The industry grew because it had identified the need for people to gather, a place to sit and chit chat, a place which would offer an environment for ambiance and non stop Coffee on the go.

Well, all of these are Data driven, you might have thought these to be normal every day businesses, but to tell you the truth, nothing of that sort that could be considered Normal or Monotonous.

In fact, the Business model that you see and work has been the handy work of vibrant data seen in action collected from every client who had taken time to fill in the survey and then these information polished and processed to set up the best shop that gives everything that the client wants plus the Coffee.

In concise, the power of data is felt and seen in all walks of life. Now the question becomes, how could you fit in.

Remember, of the many keys to success, the best of them still remains, adaptability.

That would mean, you would need to alter your thought process. In other words, change your thoughts. As of now, the key is your decision. With many available areas of specialized knowledge, we at GoWaters, provide only the best that would enable the bearer of these qualifications to be more marketable.

Remember, the major key to your success is you, so make that decision, invest in your education, and stay secured.

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