Importance of Mathematics-why learn it?

The advancement and perfection of Mathematics are intimately connected with the prosperity of the Society and State

Among all the sciences that we have, Math is considered to be the queen of all sciences. The reason being, no other science equips you with the power to make decisive decisions other than Mathematics. Why? Because, the field of Mathematics is an Exact science, meaning, there are no, ifs and buts, and maybes. What you put in, you get the same equivalent out as result.

A simple illustration is, that your success is in direct proportion to the number of hours of work that you put in. Meaning, the longer your hours of labor, the more closer you get to your success.

On the contrary, your success is inversely proportional to your sleep. Meaning, the more you sleep, the further you move away from your goal or the goal moves away from you.

Our whole life is one big Mathematical problem.

Knowledge of Mathematics, gives you complete control of the area that you are in. Among the many benefits that knowledge of mathematics does to its bearer, the best would be the extensive creativity that dawns upon.

More so, everything that you see around is mathematically designed. Our whole life is one big mathematical problem. From birth to death, if we develop the talents that we have and apply them to our profession, clearly we shall see an exponential growth in our life, on the contrary wasted talents and undeveloped skills often gives rise to a life of an logarithmic function that depreciates with a downward slope.

To enable you to understand further, Time and Opportunity are two mathematical quantities bestowed to every individual by the Creator.

Every individual will only receive a handful of opportunities during his or her life time, and he or she should capitalize on them. It is indeed unwise to say that I have tomorrow to put my acts together and change the course of my ship. No! You don’t. That is never going to happen, for tonight, your ship will hit that submerged rock, and will sink into the abyss of no return.

98% don’t succeed in life for they are unaware of this Natural mathematical principle that governs life, you may not like it, but it is the way life has been designed, and don’t blame us, we were never included during the decision making process.

A mathematically well developed brain will take initiatives

Knowledge of Mathematics gives you the sense of urgency to act and to take initiatives. Remember, life is all about Problem solving, either you solve your own problems leading to your better tomorrow, or you solve your client’s problem leading to your prosperous life.

Thomas A. Edison, saw the problem in a real dark world. Though humans were gifted with eyes to see and ears to hear, the fraternity of the eye losses its powers when darkness strikes. Men were incapacitated at their profession the moment when night falls.

Imagine, 50% of the day being snatched away from you due to this equation set by Nature. No one can fight against this equation, but sure can alter the parameters that govern this equation.

This very thought gave Thomas A. Edison, the never ending desire to seek out the solution. No one told me him to do, or even to embark on this problem. But he did it out of his own volition. Without a second thought, he saw the need, the opportunity to rise to fame, he jumped into action.

Thus, if your brain is developed mathematically, you will automatically foresee opportunities and will gravitate into taking initiatives. With every initiative attempted there is always an opportunity to stardom.

Thomas A. Edison’s initiative brought about a major breakthrough in artificial light that no one else ever  saw or even imagined in the last 6000 years of recorded human history.

With better mathematics comes better Strategies

Knowledge in Mathematics teaches you the principle of strategies. In the field of business if there is one pivotal element that changes the playing field, it is a well planned out Strategy.

With funds limited, you ought to come up with effective strategies to promote your brand, a strategy to put efficient employees together, a strategy to identify and locate customers for your product, a strategy to price the product in a sustainable way, a strategy even to offer the right discount so as you don’t face liquidation and subsequent bankruptcy on an urge to get the product into people’s hands and a strategy to offer best value for the price paid.

So you see, the success of your business is nothing but a series of strategies carried out and implemented in the right manner at the time.

With innumerable tools in Mathematics, all of these could be achieved with precision.

Mathematics and Data Sciences

When it comes to Data Sciences, mathematics provides you with the ability to choose those appropriate procedures required to answer questions with the data that you have at hand.

Let us take a simple example of selecting players for your team. You are the coach and before you lies a predicament of making a choice between LeBron and Les Brown.

Both have the same average from 6 games. The question would be, who is the most reliable player that you could count on every time when the team requires him to fire all cylinders and, that would proper the team forward.

If you are good with Mathematical methods, in no time you would be able to decide this. Simply apply a tool called Standard deviation to the data set and you would see how far each score deviates from the game average that each player holds.

You would then be able to find the most reliable player who has been a consistent in every game.

Knowledge in Mathematics will also give you the ability to diagnose problems as to why a certain business model is not working, or in other words, why a certain business model is working efficiently.

This can make a huge difference when it comes to selecting efficient business models and setting the business into auto pilot mode.

At GoWaters, we offer you a step by step approach in specializing in Key Mathematical Areas, like Probability, Statistics, Regression Analysis, Linear Algebra, Matrix Algebra, etc.

The streams that we offer are focused to aid and help you acquire command over Theory as well as the Problem solving components of these Areas. So after the completion of the courses, you would be complete in every aspect when it comes to the Application part.

Let your Journey begin, today.

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