Importance of Coding-why learn it?

What would you do? if I tell you, I shall teach you to know, all that goes behind those brick walls, where your adversary lives- Ptolemy's council

If there is one thing that makes the information age so uniquely special then it is the invention of a versatile tool, called Coding. Now what is coding, to a layman, when you use the word, codes,  it signifies the art of sending information concealed, most often using numbers.

Now extending this definition, coding is the art of using set of instructions to extract the hidden information. In the real world, data is not often available in the wide open space to gather, but are concealed.

The basic coding that lies in Ice cream selling.

For example, imagine you are selling, ice cream cones, and there are three flavors you are offering. Chocolate cookie chips, Vanilla and Strawberry. You find that the sales for the month has gone up and the reason for this jump is, Ice creams, in particular, it is because of the onset of summer and in specific, the one flavor that is responsible for the hike in sales is the Chocolate cookie chips.

Now to a businessman, the following are the list of data that can be gathered, processed and used for future, namely, the onset of Summer time, the Ice cream flavors, sales, the time of the day when most sales occur and so on and forth.

The only coding that the businessman uses here is observation, but in the complex world of business it wouldn’t just be possible to merely use observational skills to capture and extract the hidden data. We need established coding languages that will do this for us.

The complexity of selling life insurances and how coding knowledge can help

Say, you are selling life insurances, and that there are 3 types of them. In fact, you ought to know no one would simply walk in to buy a life insurance. You ought to sell the concept to your customer.

Before you could sell the concept, you ought to know your target group, which in this case your prospective clients, what do they do, what are their interests, their values in life, the assets they own, the hobbies they have, the clubs they visit, the joints they hangout, their friends, and their friend’s friends.

The question is, collecting this information, and then processing them and finally obtaining an insight that can be used in your selling. You see, a whole lot of process is involved. Unless you do your homework well, you will never be able to provide your customer a valid reason as to why he or she should buy a life Insurance and more so from you.

In other words, unless the individual is perfectly convinced the deal is off, that is to say, your motive to sell should perfectly appeal to the emotional mind of the customer, to suggest that there is a world of good for him/her in this deal.

So now you will understand how critical it is to have a system in place that would not only extract information but process them for you.

In brevity, the knowledge of coding gives you the Creative ability to obtain and prepare data from both the expected and unexpected sources in formats that may or may not conform.

The classification of the Coding languages that we use in DataSciences

The coding languages that you ought to now fall into 4 quadrants.

The First quadrant is managed by Statistics. Here you will study languages that employ statistical principles and tools, these languages are R and Python. These are powerful languages and are open source, that would mean you have an army of developers and users available to help and assist you in case you end up on a road block.

The Second Quadrant is managed by Database, here you would have to acquire the knowledge of SQL, which is Structured Query Language. This is the language that is used to communicate with Databases, which houses the data.

The Third Quadrant is managed by Command line. Anything you can run normally on the command line can be put into a script and it will do exactly the same thing that you had intended to do. Likewise, anything you can put into a script can also be run normally on the command line and it will do exactly the same thing.

For the ease of use, we use the scripting language, so this would reduce the intricacy and the labor involved to remember those innumerable commands and more so for the lucidity of ease that they offer.

Here we use the scripting language called BASH. BASH, which stands for Bourne-again shell, is a Unix shell and Command language.

A Bash script is a plain text file which contains a series of commands. These commands are a mixture of commands we would normally type using the command line (such as ls or cp for example). The beauty of BASH, is that it is Unix based, which is real fun to work with more so for the power it hands in to the user.

The Fourth Quadrant is managed by Search engines. Here we extract data using a special language tool called, Regex. Short for regular expression, a regex is a string of text that allows you to create patterns that help match, locate, and manage text. This is a powerful tool that would help you to find the data that you are looking for, to locate them and to obtain and reformat them.

At GoWaters, we offer you a step by step approach in specializing in Coding languages. The stream that we offer is focused to aid and help you to acquire command over Theory as well as the Practical components of Coding languages. Start your Climb, today.

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