If you are working for Fast food restaurants, then its time to Wakeup


Foremost, this is not a Health awareness post, and more so, we are least interested as to what people eat and what they don’t. We firmly believe that every individual as the right to choose his or her food accordingly to what their body prefers and of course, the taste of their palette also counts.

Having made that clear, then you might ask as to why a post like this, featuring Fast Foods. Well, the answer is simple. Today, countless youths spend their precious time working at fast food counters. Serving foods to customers who more so often treat them with contempt. Of course, this is not something new we are talking here, for everyone knows the things that go behind a fast food joint.

Then what is the concrete reason that would justifies this write up ? Answer: To stir up the sleeping intelligent self.

Take the cases of Fast food companies in the US, which employs around 4 million people. In the future these industries will be facing two predicaments. In fact, at the time of writing this post, there are already signs in the air.

The increased Health Consciousness among the public

A mere look at these are so enticingly appetizing food would have, all most anyone and everyone to fall by the wayside when it comes to making a choice for healthy eating.

But the truth is far fetched from the looks of deception that we see and receive. For many of these so called healthy eating foot long serves have nothing natural except for their names. For that matter, not even the chicken or beef that lies inside. That goes to any thing that you can think off and that is being sold at these fast food outlets.

Irrespective of their brands and claims, nothing holds water to what they claim and to what they serve.

Why are so many people are Fat and Sick-The High fat and High Calories

If Health awareness campaigns had done one thing right, then it would be putting forth the amount calories that foods carry latent in them. These information in turn enables people to make informed choices.

People have clearly understood the dangers that these fast foods cause to their health, specially in terms of the herculean calories that these foods come in with.

A simple lunch will take you cross your permitted daily intake for maintaining that ideal weight. Now in the good old times of the 70’s, any fast food company would have got away with this. That is why, many of these companies had sales, sky rocket starting from their golden period and leading all the way up to the start of the 21st century.

But these days, with transparency and the Right to information to safeguard the consumer, things such as concealing toxins and toxic additives are just wouldn’t be possible.

More so, the declaration of the Calories that each food contains, will generally offer a clear description of things that goes in.

As the saying, know the truth and the truth shall set you free, people have begun waking up, and that would mean, more fast food restaurants going out of Business.

Unhealthy practices and food safety- a major issue with Fast food restaurants

These businesses have no one to blame except for themselves. Why? Before the advent of social media there were no particular medium where concerns and issues could be shared forth with the world.

But today the world is almost one big connected hub. You throw a stone into a well in Texas, the sound of splashing water will be heard in Delhi.

That Just goes to show the rate at which information or issues or concerns travel via the social media.

The Dawning of the AI

The absence of the Human Touch

Recommendations and Preparations

The secret of getting ahead is getting Started

Take Action

It is Data everywhere

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