What is a Hyperbola?

It is the set of all points such that the Absolute value of the differences of the distances from the Foci is always a Constant.

The Hyperbola has two Axes of Symmetry.

The Transverse Axis also known as the Major Axis and the Conjugate Axis also known as the Minor Axis.

Key Concepts of Hyperbola

Question 1


Question 2


Now we ought to find the Equation of the Asymptote, with the Negative sign

Question 3


We now need to find, a = ? and b = ?

To find Foci, we now need to find the value of, c

From the above equation, we can now find the value of c,

Now to find the Foci

Now to find the Vertices

The center for the Hyperbola, is,

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