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What's your Vision?

Most people go about life without having a set goal in life. It is often said, the world is not short of opportunities, but short of people with vision. The Richest man of the World, Solomon, once said, “People without Vision perish”. So the underlying point of this post here is to encourage every aspiring student of GoWaters, to have a vision.

Know what you want to be in life, 5 years down the line, 10 years down the line and 15 years down the line. Once you have set this straight then work towards it. Don’t just pass through life like a dead leaf at the bosom of the wind.

A person without Vision, would liken to a Captain who set his sails without a plan. Most too often he along with his ship will land up at the bottom of the sea.

The reason that we are talking about this is because these trainings were never given in schools and universities, and neither at the places where the individual works. Most people wake up unwillingly and get dressed up to head for the job that they least desire and loathe.

85% of people surveyed in the US have responded that they never liked their jobs and that amount was no better for Europe, neither.

It is said if you don’t like your location where you are living, just change it, you are not a tree. If you don’t like the car you are driving, just change it. The most certain thing in life is Change and more so the Change that happens for betterment of the individual’s life.

But what really can bring about that Change is the individual’s desire to take Action to make that change happen. A great general once remarked, “I don’t go about looking for favorable circumstances, I just take a circumstance and make it favorable to me”

Remember the World will never give you what you want, but what you deserve. That would mean, you need to work every bit to reach where you want to be.

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