Get Passionate

Unless you burn all your bridges you will never have the drive to succeed

You need to have Passion. Passion is the invisible force that drives you from within. Many wish  success, but the most important question is, to what intensity do they wish ?

Honestly, many love their video games more than success. They spend hours and hours on social media and in coffee shops, often talking about someone or some event, which neither profits them nor the society.

Success will flee from those who put in mediocre efforts.  In other words, Success is not an overnight walk in the nearby park. As one writer rightly said, to achieve success, you must fully be combustible.

Be prepared to Fail.

it is okay to fail, get prepared to fail, for every time you  hit failure, be sure to gather yourself up and try one more time. This is where your passion comes into play.  When you have enough passion in you, it will pick you up, and provide you with the ardent desire to keep going. It is Passion that provides that mental energy to accept no such thing as failure and no such task as impossible.

Passion keeps you Persistent

Passion enables you to take persistent and consistent action towards your goal. More so, it is passion that will stir your Imagination. Without Imagination no one can travel far into the sea of creativity to achieve Success.

For it is Imagination which is the impulse that converts thoughts into action. It is said that, whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  And to do that, you need to be fired up with Imagination.  For a soul without Imagination is what an Observatory would be without a Telescope. Meaning, you might have the boat, but it would be without a rudder.

Story time

To best illustrate the importance of Passion, the story of a General who was faced with near impossible situation is often cited.

The story goes something like this, there was this General who was summoned by his king to be sent out on an expedition to defeat the neighboring king, who has completely blocked off the sea trade route.

To reach the neighboring kingdom, the General and his fleet ought to cross the wild seas which lies bordering the kingdom.

Arriving at the shores, knowing well the weaknesses of his army and that his odds of achieving a victory was beyond the probable, he commands his army to burn down their fleet, saying, “The only way you shall leave here alive is through Victory”. Then something unimaginable happens, the General wins.

Humans have been known to pull off unimaginable acts amidst odds stacked against them. The unfavorable environment often gives rise to a potent life force called Passion. The Passion for Life, The Passion for Victory, The Passion to see tomorrow. So find out your passion, your drive and stay true to it.

In most cases, it is always the man with the greatest Passion will often win the fight, achieve success and walk the red carpet. So get Passionate about your life, passionate about your success, for your life depends on it, for sure it does.

Decide today, what would you want to do? There are two things which can happen, either you will serve tomorrow, or you shall have tomorrow serve you.

At GoWaters, we offer you the opportunity to achieve your life dreams. To accomplish economical success that will free you from the yoke of hard labor and job insecurity.

Today we are living in a time where Employer feels as if he or she is doing you favor by employing you. Whatever be the rules set, you are expected to follow without question.

If you question them, you are done. Life even in the longest phase is short, so why should we tussle, struggle and live in bondage, fear and in humiliation. When the alarm bell rings, the first thing that strikes is , “Oh man!, I need to rush”, “oh man! will there ever be a break?”. Why must we live a life like that? is it worth it? It need not have to be this way, take control of your life, take action today.

Our mission in life is to enable and help passionate individuals to achieve Economical freedom, to become a person of value, to earn money for self and family and live a life that is fulfilling. Answer your Calling

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