Do you really want to be Successful?

do you have what it takes to achieve success?

How bad do you want to success? Most people want success just like they want a Pizza or Cheese Cake, something that they can buy in the store or in the market place.

They think, Success is a walk in a nearby park.  A great talk show host once remarked, if you desire success, set yourself on fire.

The famous rap artist, 50 Cents, when interviewed about the number of hours he slept, remarked thus, “I don’t sleep; sleep is for those who are broke”

Most students give up success for their cell phones. They prefer to stay broke than to live without their phones. Not realizing that at the end of the month, their phones need a top up, which means the green bill, ought to do the talking.

The famous Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu once said, conquering others is strength, but conquering self is Power.

But most seemed to have lost touch with their true self.

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks, the famous Motivational speaker once said, All men are created equal, but the only difference between Michael Jordan and you is that, Michael Jordan uses every second of the 86,400, quota of time for the day, effectively, while you stay chilling out.

Everybody wants success, but the price for success is hard work and dedication. It is said; even the toughest rock can be split into half, by a feeble rope that goes to work on it, day in and day out.

But most have seemed to have forgotten these traits and have immersed themselves in the virtual bliss of the social media and instant gratification.

There is this most popular story which probably many would have heard. A young goes up to an Old Millionaire to enquire of him the secret to achieving success.

So the Old Millionaire questions him, “Do you really want to be successful?”The young man replies enthusiastically, “of course”

To this, the Old Millionaire, tells the young man, to come early the next day morning, say around 4am, to the nearby river.

Thinking that the Old Millionaire is going to divulge some secret information on success, the young lad reaches the river, sharp at 4am.

The Old Millionaire greets him and tells the young man to walk with him into the river. The young man, perplexed at this request, yet still accommodates and walks with the Old Millionaire into the river.

The Old Millionaire takes the young man to waste deep water and then asks him the question, “How bad do you want to achieve success?” To this the young man replies, “Real bad”.

Now the Old Millionaire takes the young man further into the river and then asks the same question again, “How bad do you want to achieve success?”, the young man again replies, “Real bad”.

To this, the Old Millionaire, presses the young man’s head into the water, and holds him with all his might. The young man starts to fight for his breath, but the Old Millionaire wouldn’t let him go, then finally just about the young man was about to give away, the Old Millionaire release his grip, and the young man raise his head to the surface with an enormous burst of force.

Angered, Stunned and Irritated, the young man starts to question the reason behind the Old Millionaire’s act.

To this the Old Millionaire remarks, I have just given you the secret to Success.

The young man is bewildered and doesn’t understand what the Old Millionaire is aiming convey.

Then the Millionaire replies,

Unless the force within you desires success as the man who fights for his life submerged in water, you will never achieve success.

To achieve success you must be fully combust yourself

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