In this Course you will Study all Related Topics in Algebra that would lead up to handling Problems related to Application and Conceptualizing.

The First Lesson is Introduction to Linear Equation. Please listen and understand the Lesson with care and Concern.

The Second Lesson, talks about various forms

The Third Lesson, explains as how to Obtain the Slope.

The Fourth Lesson, explains Graphing the Intercept form

The Fifth Lesson, explains the Nature of the Slope


There is also a Quiz at the End of Lesson 1.

There is also an Assignment, you would have to submit. Just click on this Link below and make your submission.

Assignment Link


Course Curriculum

Linear Equation
Linear Equations-Quiz No 1 00:15:00
Grade 8-Linear Equations-Lesson 4 Details FREE 00:40:00
Grade 8-Linear Equations-Lesson 5 Details FREE 00:40:00
Grade 8-Linear Equations-Review | Recap- Lesson 6 Details FREE 00:40:00
Grade 8 – Linear Equations-Quiz No 2 00:30:00
Grade 8-Linear Equations- Application Problems-Lesson 7 Details FREE 00:40:00
Grade 8 – Parallel lines and Perpendicular lines-Lesson 8 Details FREE 00:40:00

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