Basic Instruction for taking the Test

The Site is sensitive to Mouse Click and to Mouse Scroll, hence use them with caution.

Work the questions out first and then Click on the Right Choice.

You only have One Mouse CLICK, in other words, if you had Clicked Choice 4, and you wanted to Revert your Decision to Choice 3, then that is NOT going to be Recorded. In other words, as the saying goes, “Look Before you Leap”, “Decide before you Choose”.

Test Taking Rules

As Test taker, Please read the Rules of taking the test, prior to starting the Test.





Rules for Taking this Test

  1. This is a Computer Based Test [CBT], meaning, you are to use a  Computer to give this Test and  NOT a Mobile Phone.
  2. Failure to adhere to  the Rules, will lead to forfeiting your Test and a  Grade F, awarded.
  3. The Test is Time Based, meaning, once you have initiated the Test,  you are to complete it.
  4. Before the start of the Test, you are to ensure that your Laptop is  suitably charged and that your   Internet connection is steady.
  5. The site is sensitive to Mouse- Clicks and Mouse-Rolls, so  exercise caution when you are   over the Choices.
  6. Only the First Click will be RECORDED, So, decide and then  Click.
  7. The final score will hover on the Screen for 120 seconds. You can share your scores using Social shares. Taking test score Photos using Mobile phones are not encouraged.
  8. With regard to any issues with your Test Scores, the Scores you claim will be cross verified with the Score recorded at the Database, and only the Database score will be accepted.
  9. Every legitimate user is permitted just one Attempt at the Test, anything more than that will be considered VOID.
  10. By Clicking the Start button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy policy.
  11. The Time slot for Test taking will be allotted by your Course Instructor | Lecturer. Any registered scores beyond the Time slot will be considered VOID.
  12. The percentage of the Test that would be accounted in the grade will be solely decided by your, Instructor | Lecturer.
  13. In cases of, Issues and concerns, mentioned herein and those that aren’t, the decision of the Course Instructor | Lecturer, will prevail.

All Questions are Copyrighted. Educators| Website owners and Quiz administrators cannot use the content based on Fair Use Policy.


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