At, we change every Student into a Competent Professional

Competence matters. "See the Skillful Artisan, he shall stand before kings"

At, we insist on Competence and that is why we want every student to put his or her, body, soul and mind into becoming Competent.

Competence training is our Core feature. We just don’t deliver a course; we ensure that a student has gained complete knowledge of the ins and outs of the field that he or she is aspiring for.

The world says, Practice makes you perfect, hear us, you have been told a lie, let us tell you the truth, It is Perfect practice which makes you perfect.

A lesson to Learn from the game of Tennis

If you wish to play the game of tennis, then the most important aspect in the game would be to learn how to serve.

If you had mastered this one skill, then for sure, you will walk past 99% of players even at top levels. For in the history of the game, there are just a couple of Players who are known to have mastered this skill. The current top players, Nadal and Federer are among the lot.

So, to learn this art of serving, you need to learn the basics and then the associated critical knowledge points which would ensure your success.

The Success formula

To sum up, Basics + Skill = Perfect serve, then on Perfect serve + focus =  Victory, by transitivity, Basics + Skill = Victory.

To become skillful you need to acquire your training from a competent Coach.

You see, today, with the age of Youtube, it is a general idea that anything and everything can be acquired and learned from Youtube videos.

But you ought to know this, that the elite don’t share their skills on Youtube, and if they do, they merely use it as an advertising medium to tell the world, hey there! If you are interested, reach out to me.

Seek and you shall find

Having gotten that straight, if you wanted to learn the elite skill sets, you ought seek for the elite coaches. There is a verse in the Bible which says, “if you will seek, you shall find”

Though these coaches employ different gauges to weed out the chaff from the wheat, yet still they open their doors to the sincere and the dedicated.

And if you do land yourself into the arms of one, you are sure to succeed. For success is highly predictable, since, Success is the sum total of the actions that you do every single day of your life.

To sum up, it is not hitting the ball with your racket all day and every day that counts, for this is what the world calls as practice. This level of practice wouldn’t even get you past your first set.

The Coach makes all the difference

However, under the guidance and skillful eyes of a competent coach, you learn what is called as the Perfect serve, the Perfect return, the Perfect ace, the on court behavior, the smiles, the focus, the interaction with fellow players, the respect for your opponents, the regard for the Officials, to accept decisions, to stay on, to push forward, to climb, when the chips are down to keep your head up, to win, to never say die, to be a Champion.

This is what we do at, we change lives. We want you to win and so ensure that you gain that much important leverage called as “Competence”. In brevity,, changes every student into a competent professional.

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