An Elite University degree will not make you Rich

A key to achieving success is getting ahead, and the secret to get ahead is to just get Started

If you want to Understand the meaning of Infinity, just sit in a Math class, a minute there will appear to last forever

The majority of the world is inhabited by the Middle class. What makes the Middle class unique is their desire to see their children never to have pass through the struggles of life that they had undergone.

The Mind set

So they have this mindset that Quality Education provided to their child, will for sure aid and assist their child to crawl out of the hole called Poverty, that keeps millions imprisoned in filth, bonded labor and in famine.

The Truth

But the truth is far from it. In a bid to achieve this goal, millions of parents sell their assets, and life saving on a bid to provide the Elite university education to their children. 

But they fail to understand that most important aspect of education today. Today, the world has changed. When the Industrial education was at full swing, contemporary education was considered an Investment.

Industrial age 

Professional education, like doctors, lawyers, engineers and business professionals were all sought after careers and professional choices. You obtain a degree and that is it, the degree would take care of you, and all you need to do would be to get a name card or a business card, printed and keep distributing them.

Information age

But today, the world is different, with the information age, the things that we do, has little relevance to the knowledge that the Industrial era had provided us with.

In other words, there is no place for Factual knowledge, and that would mean, the things that we held in high regard during the Industrial age has fallen from grace.

Stay relevant

There was a time when the old classic bicycle was treasured and treated as a fortune. Little did the people then knew, today, we have bicycles which could be carried around in a box, as you would carry your violin. In other words, even if one were to advertise that he or she is giving away a bicycle of the classic age, there would be no takers. Why? Because, even to store a bike like that would take up more space, and with the majority of the population living in flats, where have you the place to spare for a bike of this nature.

In brevity, education ought to enable and train a person to stay relevant with the changing times. We are not saying stay relevant with fashion, for that would be foolish, right? But stay on the top of the game.

During the Industrial age, education specially the professional fields almost remained unchanged and unchallenged. So that brought forth an air of complacency and assumption into the minds of the people that this phase would go on forever and there is nothing that would disturb this balance.

The irony is, people still think and do things under this assumption,  thinking that, just by merely providing the Elite education to their Child, their Child will indeed make it big. Become Rich and famous, gain economic independence.

All of which are typical dreams of the Middle class, but they will merely remain a dream owing to the following fact that we shall state herein.  

The main objective of acquiring an Elite Education

This post will view the situation through the eyes of the Middle Class parents. Now with this out of the way, we could easily delve into the priorities as to why in the very first place that  Middle Class families insist that they children join the Elite Universities.

The main reason according to these families is that, an Elite University education will entitle their children an easier road to Riches. Which is a mere illusion set strongly in their minds.


Have you ever met a person who has claimed that because of his Elite education [any university for that matter] he or she has amassed great wealth and has achieved economic independence? For sure, the answer would be No. Why? Because, we have facts and data to prove it.

Rich people of the World Never visited a University

The richest man to have ever lived, King Solomon, never attended any higher education which we may deem as University degree.

Andrew Carnegie, an immigrant who slogged in the steel industry had no tertiary level training, yet still, from earning at $1.20 a week, he went on to build, the American Steel corporation.

Henry Ford personally mentioned that he loathed the idea of wasting away the most productive years of one’s life, under the name of getting qualified, when the real qualification lies out in the open fields. Well, these are the few examples found worthy to be mentioned, yet still the annals of accomplishments overruns with marvels and wonders such as those mentioned herein.

How rich are they

King Solomon ruled from 970 BC to 931 BC

Net worth: $ 2.2 trillion

Henry Ford: $200 Billion

Andrew Carnegie: $ 310 Billion

The Important thought provoking Question

So now the much important question is, if all these people who either never had a University education to their names or had been a college drop outs, made and amassed huge sums of monies, then why on earth should the society require every man and woman born ought to secure a University education.

So the understanding would be, according to the Author or Rich dad, Poor dad, the rules are put there to ensure that you don’t become rich. A heartening fact but verily the truth.

What does a place in an elite University would deliver you

So imagine you had secured a place to study at an elite university. If you were to make a careful observations of all those lecturers and professors who are delivering the content, you will notice that, 70% of them are on non-tenure positions, that would mean, though they are accomplished in their fields of study, the university has chosen not to offer them a tenure due to its financial constraints, thus depriving them of all the benefits that they could receive. It would mean, that these lecturers and professors are already struggling to make a living and we wouldn’t bother them in this study.

The rest of the 30%, who occupy complete tenure position, with all of the benefits from the university, yet still, not one would boldly proclaim that he or she is economically independent.

In other words, if there were to forfeit the university position then there would be nothing left for them to fall back. In brevity, most of the 30% will still be living out of pay check to check.

You are learning how to be Rich from people who are already broke

So you are learning the lessons of becoming Rich, from people who are already fearful of their future and know for sure that they are in No position what soever, to either deliver or even offer worthy financial advice as to how you can use the education that you have received into making financial gains. 

The job of a Boxer

It is like a boxer who claims to be the best coach, offering you training as how to become the best fighter, yet still has never stepped into a boxing ring. Sounds funny, but that is what happens in an university education.

The purpose of this post is to make you understand that, just because you join an elite MBA program and learn finance, does not mean you will become Rich or even for that matter, become economically independent.

Why? For the simple reason that the people who teach there have themselves not yet acquired the practical part of getting Rich.

Agreed that they have voluminous publications, but how many such publications did Mr. Andrew Carnegie or Mr. Ford have?

The most important lesson that every individual on this planet should learn should be to achieve economic liberty. And your college or university education will not give you that. Why? because, they are not designed to do that.

So what are Universities for?

So what is the main purpose of a university education? According to an autonomous tertiary education critique, the place offers you an environment where you could develop your interactive skills.

The ability to conduct yourself when in crowd or in company, the opportunity to mingle and jingle, to make and have some fun at the expense of others.

For all university deliver only factual knowledge which you would be able to obtain by visiting your nearest library, but they do not offer the knowledge as how the individual could expand one’s mind, how to think outside the ordinary, how to stay positive amidst challenges, how to keep going when the chips are down.

This is what separates the winner from the losers, the wheat from the chaff, the cream from the crust.

So how could you become unique?

It is imperative to understand that in a class of 60, or 70, or may be more, all of the students receive the same instruction, the same assignment, the same tests, the same grading scheme is applied. Now, tell me, how do you expect yourself to become different? how would you break free from the crowd? how would you rise up against the odds to claim your position?

You think your score will set you apart? No way, the score that you receive merely tells the world that you have acquired facts on the content that the examination was based on. That is all, nothing further than that. So what makes you unique?

The Secret Tip

It is always said, an
average education will land you in an average pay.

While an elite education
will land you in an elite pay.

But neither of these will
ever make you Rich. Why? because, to become rich you ought to do a list of things
differently. Some of which would be,

Goal setting

Having a Vision

Acquiring Specialized Knowledge

We shall discus in detail about these in the coming posts. For now, get your acts together. Let it sink in you that Elite university education is not an Investment that will save guard and protect your future.

So the underlying point is start taking steps in acquiring Specialized Knowledge. It is often said, knowledge is power, but that is what the education that you received has preached you, but it is not viable today. the truth is, knowledge is just potential power, to reap the fruits of success, you would require Specialized Knowledge. Which is what, we at GoWaters, are delivering you. Take that step today. let today be the dawn for your bright tomorrow.

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